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IT and Security Solutions

Worrying for security incidents on your servers? Prepare for them before they strike. OnePlusOne Solutions keeps your business prepared. Choose your best option and we will take care of the rest:

1. DDoS Protection

  • Protect your IT infrastructure against DDos attacks. 3rd Base Technologies serves an unmetered qualification of DDoS to maintain good performance and reliability.

2. Cloud Authentication Services

  • The Cloud Authentication Services is an access and verification platform with a hybrid cloud architecture. This type of cloud service enables your business to control how users access your resources with centralized access and verification.

3. 24x7x365 support and dedicated security analysts

  • Our technical support team is highly dedicated in case you need help and questions.

4. Managed IDS/IPS

  • Enhance your IDS/IPS effectiveness.

5. Firewall Management and Monitoring

  • We will make sure that the firewall is well-managed and monitored.

6. Managed Encryption

  • 3rd Base Technologies is now offering a cost effective and hassle-free managed encryption solutions for your IT needs.

7. Managed Email Security

  • Rest assured that your email security is continuously updated and monitored by our experts to stop any malicious threats such as phishing, ransomware, spam and etc.

8. Compliance Management

  • 3rd Base Technologies’s compliance management solutions enable organizations to generate a consistent set of internal controls to facilitate operational transparency.

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