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IP and Connectivity

Find your best connectivity solutions.

As one of the industry’s experienced provider, we cater the best VSAT solutions based on your requirements. VSAT is ideal for mining, construction, maritime, oil and gas or any industry that requires a satellite broadband internet connection at remote areas around the globe.

Dedicated Satellite Services

  • Dedicated SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) Satellite Services provides a connectivity with dedicated bandwidth. SCPC satellite backbone connectivity serves constant dedicated communications to convey full duplex point to point service, star, mesh or any hybrid network configurations.

3rd Base Technologies offers a dedicated satellite internet connection up to 50 Mbps download by 10 Mbps upload speed for any client location.

Shared Satellite Services

3rd Base Technologies is offering a wide range of shared satellite internet access services built on different TDMA technologies, serving content ratios from 1:50 to 1:2.

Our shared Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT services use technology from iDirect.

Internet over Fiber

Fiber internet is the best option for fast internet connection speed and reliability. Unlike other internet technologies that uses simple cable internet services that transmit electrical information through copper wires, fiber-optic lines uses tiny strands of glass slightly ticker than a single human hair to carry binary transmissions of light.

Fiber Optic Cable
3rd Base Technologies uses the best Internet over Fiber technology to meet its clients’ business needs regardless how large the project is.

Microwave Technology
Microwave technologies have been in use for point-to-point connections for decades by industries that are located in isolated areas such as Oil and Gas, Construction, NGO and other relevant organizations.

3rd Base Technologies is now offering a reliable and high-speed internet access to maritime market and industry. Whether you upkeep offshore oil exploration, or managing a convenient cruise, 3rd Base Technologies serves an affordable maritime subscription plan.

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