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If you are looking for cloud infrastructure that is secure, no downtime or loss of data and reliable, worry no more as 3rd Base Technologies offers an affordable and quality Cloud Services. Choose now your best solutions in your business.

Enterprise Network

3rd Base Technologies provides the enterprise network market with the most competitive product combination in the entire industry. We offer Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud technology for your business needs.

  1. Private Cloud
  • Is a type of cloud computing that is highly secured and used mainly for one business or completely isolated from others.
  • A private cloud can deliver reduced cost and efficiency
  1. Public Cloud
  • Private cloud provides easy access to servers and its resources as you need them and when you need them.
  • 3rd Base Technologies offering a cheap cost and burden of ongoing hardware and data center management.
  1. Hybrid Cloud
  • Is cloud computing platform which uses a mix private cloud, public cloud services with adaptation between the two platforms.


Carrier Services

Carrier cloud is one of the most reliable, well tested and proven in its capabilities which engineered to meet high availability standards.

  1. Increase Flexibility
  • 3rd Base Technologies serves you a better, salable and flexible infrastructure within a secure location.
  1. Cost efficient
  • With the help of our experts, we will assess your needs and we will bring a cost efficient but reliable and productive pr 3rd Base Technologies sitions.


Cloud Hosting Services

Best in period performance, reliable, and costing for all of your storage needs! Are you planning to implement your website in World Wide Web? You are in the right provider and we are here to help you.

  1. Multi-Regional Storage
  • Also known as geo-redundant storage, which means this type of cloud storage saves and collects your data redundantly in multiple geo locations.
  • Ensuring a maximum availability of your data compared to other storage classes.
  1. Regional Storage
  • Finding a quality and cheaper than Multi-Regional Storage? Regional Storage enables you to save data at lower price!
  • This type of storage class is suitable for storing data in the same regional location.
  1. Standard Storage
  • Is a very low cost and reliable storage mainly use for startup business
  • Can’t find any of your choice? Let us know so we could help you. 3rd Base Technologies has more than hundred services with great end-to-end tools and strategies to make your business successful.

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